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Pest Proofing Service Fareham

Starting from £25 inc VAT

We can carry out all effective forms of pest proofing, a short list below is proofing we regularly carry out but more niche proofing can be carried out when needed.

  • All Forms of Mesh Proofing

  • Rodent Proofing Door Strips

  • Non Return Drain Valves

  • Flexible Mesh Proofing

  • Rodent Proofing Pastes

  • Breathable Weep Vent Proofing

  • Air Brick Proofing

save ££££

Save massive amounts of money by completely preventing your rodent issue returning!


All proofing works are guaranteed for at least 1 year.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind knowing your rodent issue will not return!

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