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Mouse Removal Fareham

​Starting from £100 inc VAT

Mouse droppings and urine pose a huge health risk to any people exposed, mice are incontinent meaning they defecate and urinate as they go which massively heightens the risk of exposure to the diseases that can be carried by mice into your home!​

paired with the small size of mice, they are able to fit through a pencil sized gap. ​

Utilising brand new stop feed technology we are able to get on top of your rodent issue in no time as well as preventing any further damage in the process.

save ££££

Save massive amounts of money by treating rodent issues before they get out of control and cause major damage to your property


Ensure your house in disease and germ free by treating the rodent issue, we are effective and efficient in our methods of treatment

We are here to talk

We will Effectively and Efficiently identify and treat your rodent issue, no more pest related stress on your side. 

Let us do the hard work!


Mice Control Services in Fareham

Is mouse infestation contaminating your living space? Exposure to mouse droppings and urine can pose a health risk to those cohabitating in infested buildings. If left untreated, it can lead to the spread of disease and poor immunity. Get expert mice removal services from Rodent Riddance Hampshire today to deal with it.

As a business specialising in mouse pest control, we use the innovative Stop Feed technology to address rodent infestations. Designed to work three times faster than standard solutions, this mice pest control technology keeps mouse infestation from getting out of hand. Coupled with personalised service, clients can enjoy hassle-free rodent removal at affordable prices.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with Rodent Riddance Hampshire today for professional mouse removal services. We are a team of trained exterminators striving to offer accessible pest control solutions to all clients. With innovative technology and vast experience, rest assured we can handle it all. To book an appointment, dial 07365535995 or email us at to book an appointment.

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