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Disinfectant sprayers and germs that adhere on objects on the surface. prevent infection C

Disinfection Treatment Fareham

Starting from £50 inc VAT

Disinfection is a crucial part of concluding your rodent treatment, leaving your house completely safe with NO RISK of any dangerous diseases lingering after the rodent infestation is dealt with.

Using an active form of disinfection our thorough disinfection fogging gets into all the hard to reach areas, killing all known diseases including Weils disease (Leptospirosis) and COVID-19.


Ensure your house is as sanitary as possible following your rodent issue, this will remove any diseases and germs present.

peace of mind

Sleep easy knowing there is NO RISK of any underlying diseases and germs in your property.

reasonable pricing

We price on a job by job basis so you do not overpay and ALWAYS get the service you need.

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